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    540,722,365 shares outstanding
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Corporate Profile

Denison is a uranium exploration and development company with interests in exploration and development projects in Canada. Including the high grade Phoenix deposits, located on its 60% owned Wheeler project. Denison's interests in Saskatchewan also include a 22.5% ownership interest in the McClean Lake joint venture, which includes several uranium deposits and the McClean Lake uranium mill, one of the world's largest uranium processing facilities, plus a 25.17% interest in the Midwest deposit and a 60% interest in the J-Zone deposit on the Waterbury property. Both the Midwest and J-Zone deposits are located within 20 kilometres of the McClean Lake mill.

Denison is engaged in mine decommissioning and environmental services through its Denison Environmental Services ("DES") division and is the manager of Uranium Participation Corporation ("UPC"), a publicly traded company which invests in uranium oxide and uranium hexafluoride.

Denison has built one of the strongest portfolios of strategic uranium deposits and properties, including an interest in a uranium milling facility, in the Eastern Athabasca Basin. Denison plans to aggressively explore its most prospective properties to expand existing resources and delineate new uranium resources. The Company intends to increase shareholder value through successful exploration programs and corporate development activities to position the Company as a top-tier Athabasca Basin focused uranium industry investment.

Denison's Key Assets Today:
  • Denison has a 22.50% interest in the McClean Lake uranium processing facility and uranium deposits in northern Saskatchewan.
  • Denison has 25.17% interest in the Midwest uranium project, including the Midwest and the Midwest A deposits in northern Saskatchewan.
  • Denison has 60% interest in the Wheeler River project which includes the Phoenix deposit and the newly discovered Gryphon zone.
  • Denison has an extensive portfolio of exploration and development property interests in the Athabasca Basin including: Moore Lake (100%), Waterbury Lake (61.55%), Hatchet Lake (64.36%), Park Creek (49%), Bell Lake (100%) and Wolly (22.5%). Denison also has a 30% interest in the Mann Lake Project;a joint venture with Cameco Corp. and AREVA Resources Canada.

News Releases


Q3 2016 Highlights

• Completed highly successful summer 2016 exploration program at the Wheeler River property

The summer exploration program included 37 drill holes, for a total of 23,622 metres and focused on expanding the uranium mineralization in the vicinity of the Gryphon deposit...

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